The Design Process

Dede Marconato Design Process

I am fortunate to have lived as an expatriate for over half my life and to have travelled extensively.  The visual senses are consistently provoked. When we travel, the accumulation of experience influences our perception.  For myself, this drives the direction of my designs. These experiences influence the beauty and versatility of each piece of jewellery art.

Each piece is an original creation designed to emphasize the natural beauty of the metal. Most pieces are conceptualised from elements in nature or architectur. Sometimes,  I am inspired by powerful women and their connections to gemstones, such as Pele, Goddess of Volcanoes.  My ideas, however abstract are enhanced by drawings and followed by development of structural and technical components before working with the metal.

Each piece is then crafted through traditional techniques, assembled, polished, and finished by hand. There are no shortcuts to exceptional jewellery. The commitment to perfection is an involved and labour intensive process, but wonderfully gratifying when the final piece evolves into a work of art.

Dede Marconato Signature



Dede Marconato, Jewellery Designer, Hong KongDede Marconato is a goldsmith and a Graduate Gemologist from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America. If you are interested in more information about designing a custom gift or jewellery, please contact her at




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