Quality Assurance, Fairtrade and Ethical Mining

Lava Collection, Fairtrade Gold

Quality Assurance
Silver and gold are purchased from the United Kingdom ensuring quality of the metal.

Fairtrade Gold and Ethical Mining
Dede Marconato Contemporary Jewellery is pleased to be registered in Hong Kong with Fairtrade Gold. Fairtrade Gold is the world’s first independent ethical certification system for jewellery. Clients can now choose to use Fairtrade gold in commissions in Hong Kong.

Fairtrade Gold jewellery is more expensive than non-certified jewellery, but clients can be confident that the gold has been sourced in an ethical manner, miners are paid fare wages, and work in safe conditions. The Fairtrade premium allows miners to invest in social, environmental, and economic projects that benefit their communities. Physical traceability for Fairtrade gold is compulsory at all times.

Fairtrade and Fairmined certified gold is unique in offering the first transparent and traceable supply chain for gold. Certified gold is kept separate from non-certified gold during processing, refining, and manufacturing.

Dede Marconato Signature

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